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Delivers Essential Amino Acids, Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis, Maintains a Constant Anabolic State

The human body uses approximately twenty amino acids to make proteins. Your body cannot produce some of these amino acids; these are referred to as essential amino acids. Because your body cannot produce them, it is vital that you get them from external sources, either through foods, or supplementation.

The cutting-edge science available has shown that if you want to grow muscle, improve your body composition or get the optimal results from your training program, you need consistent shots of essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are needed to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which directly impacts how much muscle your body can build.

Suggested use: Take Eight (8) capsules of Anabolic Bridge™ in between meals, ideally two (2) hours after or before a meal containing a significant serving of protein. Eight (8) capsules of Anabolic Bridge may also be taken as soon as you get up in the morning and right before bed. On training days, you may use Anabolic Bridge pre-workout 20 minutes prior to training or competition.