Apricot Kernels 8oz Bag by Apricot Power


8oz Approximately 375 Seeds

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Organic Apricot Seeds from Apricot Power contains fresh, high quality, raw, organic bitter apricot seeds. These apricot seeds have not been processed and thus retain their full nutritional value.

Fresh, high quality, organic, bitter, raw apricot seeds
Contains B17, also referred to as Amygdalin , that comes from extracting natural B17 from apricot seeds.
Each seed contains approximately 20 mg of B17
Laboratory tested! Pesticide-free, herbicide-free
Kosher, Non-GMO Verified, Raw, Vegan
USDA Organic

Suggested use: Adults: While everyone's nutritional needs are different, Apricot Power recommends consuming no more than 2 seeds per hour, Start with one, and no more than 5 seeds per day.

While apricot seeds taste bitter by themselves, they enhance th flavor when combined with food. Try them ground up in a meal form in your coffee, smoothies, chopped or whole in your steamed vegetables, fruits, soup, salads, cold cereal or yogurt.