B-12 Adenosylcobalamin 1,000mcg 90MicroTabs Strawberry by Kal


Strawberry Flavor

90 Servings

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Adenosylcobalamin is stored in your cellular tissues rather than blood or other bodily fluids like methylcobalamin. KAL B-12 Adenosylcobalamin gives you a biologically active B-12 in great-tasting ActivMelt™ micro tablets.

When you’re dragging through your days, Vitamin B12 might be your go-to for powerful support. B-12 may help your body convert protein, carbohydrates and fats into healthy energy. It can also help support the healthy production of red blood cells, proper brain and nerve function, mental focus, and normal homocysteine levels for a healthy heart.

Suggested Use: Dissolve 1 micro tablet on or under the tongue daily