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12 Piece Blister Card

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XyloBurst Cinnamon Gum Xylitol gum will give you a burst of fresh mint flavor to freshen your breath on the go. Chewing XyloBurst chewing gum can also help moisturize your mouth and provide your teeth with great oral benefits for your dental health. Each piece of our chewing gum contains over a full gram of xylitol! Our xylitol gum is naturally flavored chewing gum is a natural chewing gum and is a vegan gum, aspartame free gum and preservative free! If this is your first time trying a natural chewing gum you may notice the flavors can’t last an extra long time. That is simply because we use pure natural flavors and zero chemicals to preserve the flavors longer than they naturally should be. We only use xylitol to sweeten our chewing gum. Xylitol is a great sugar substitute and natural sweetener that allows us to provide you with a great tasting healthy gum that is sugar free and aspartame free gum as well. Xylitol Chewing gums are also diabetic friendly, dentist recommended gum and also a great Keto gum. Our gum is also great for low or no sugar and low carb diets. It is also made from Non-GMO ingredients.

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