Rosewater Vinegar Spray 2oz by Heritage Store


Size: 2 fl. oz.

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Clear, clean, cool, and moisturize in one bottle. Powerfully toning, apple cider vinegar helps balance your skin, while exfoliating away dead cells and absorbing excess oil for a clear look and smooth texture. Exceptionally cleansing, it also refreshes and removes buildup from the scalp for clean and shiny hair. Combining the strength of apple cider vinegar and the hydrating power of hydroessential rose, Heritage Store Rosewater Vinegar soothes, softens, and moisturizes for radiant skin and hair. Perfect to add to pure clay or activated charcoal to create a restorative mask, you can also use it as a hair rinse or a calming, cooling spray after sun exposure. With Vor-mag™ water – water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy and vibration – Heritage Store Rosewater Vinegar is designed to nourish your skin, hair, and spirit.