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Prosta-Response™ is a Bio-Aligned Formula┬« that supports multiple body systems involved with the health of the prostate: a walnut-sized gland located under the bladder and surrounding the urinary tract in men. Prosta-Response supports hormonal regulation, cellular regeneration, antioxidant defense, the bladder and urinary tract, and the body's natural soothing mechanisms. It contains clinically researched amounts of saw palmetto extract and beta-sitosterol, plus quercetin, soy, and lycopene. These antioxidants and compounds, along with essential vitamins and minerals, help maintain tissue and cell integrity, which are vital to prostate health.

Suggested Use: 4 tablets daily for the first three months. May take 2 to 4 tablets daily for maintenance. For best results, spread servings throughout the day, at breakfast and dinner. This product is intended for men. Not for use by women.


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